Welcome to Beyond The Near

I am a former Rabbinical student, currently a graduate student in an education school.

What this is really about is that I’ve been writing lots of Facebook statuses that are stubs of important ideas. I’m going to start trying to develop them here.

My major themes tend to be Judaism, especially theology, Theology, especially in Judaism, Feminism, Minority issues (including but not limited to racism, ablism, heterosexism, cissexism, etc.), the nature of Narrative, and will perhaps be peppered with stuff about Education, Gardening, Art, Personal Growth, and whatever else I feel inspired by at a given moment.

This is something to do in my free time, to collect my ideas, and maybe generate productive conversation. This is for me and for people who want to engage in civil, intellectual, honest conversation about big (and little) and little (and big) issues. This is not a thing where I commit to deadlines, or where I will tolerate uncivil discourse.

Here is a bio from a program I did a few years ago… I think it captures some of me quite well.


Headshot ca. 2011

Gella Solomon was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and accordingly doesn’t like to let people forget that fact. She holds a BA in Hebrew Language and Culture from SUNY Purchase, and has been engaged in full-time Jewish study since 2007. [Edit: I ceased my full-time Jewish study soon after this was written] Gella has been a writer of one sort or another for as long as she has known how to string together letters into words and sentences. Her relationship to poetry has been an on-again-off-again sort of affair, reaching peaks during her summers at CTY academic summer camp, at Stuyvesant high school under the tutelage of Douglas Goetsch, and in her year in the Drisha Arts Fellowship. A theologian since the age of seven, Gella considers the pursuits of writing and rabbinics to be her two earliest and most resilient dreams. She is also a singer, a teacher, a dabbler in various sorts of arts and crafts, a Youth Rights activist, angry feminist, and self-described Windmill Assault Technician.



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