I Have Seen The Enemy…

Let me be clear about this: I have not been brainwashed by the “liberal media.” It is not the propaganda of Hamas that has done this. No anti-Israel rhetoric has ever convinced me of anything, and now is no exception.


It is Jews that have done this to me. Jews. Us. My people. My people, YOU have done this.


It started as soon as the news came that Gil-Ad, Eyal, and Naftali had gone missing. Before anyone even knew anything, it started… and I’m not talking about the concern, the prayers, the fear and sadness, the hashtags… no, not any of that. That was all fine, though I had some issues with the appropriation and exploitation of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign for something unrelated to sex trafficking or global oppression and exploitation of women and girls. No, it wasn’t that.


It was the words.









It was the lack of perspective.


Look what they do to us!

They steal our children!
We’re always victimized!


It was the political triumphalism.


NOW maybe those lefties and paciFAKES will understand!

Obama hasn’t said anything, of course! See, he hates Israel and is a Kenyen Muslim!


It was the calls for action.


No, not action…


Revenge. Death. Destruction.


Kill a Palestinian every hour until they are found!

Turn off their water and electricity!

Demolish Gaza! And the West Bank while we’re at it!


It was not the news that did this. It was us. It was YOU.


You told me to look at their mothers crying bitter tears, and to imagine how they felt.

Palestinian children are killed by IDF soldiers every week. You look at their mothers’ tears, and you feel little or nothing. 


You told me that they value only death while we value life.

You value the lives of three teenagers more than the lives of the thousands of Palestinian civilians who are arrested, kidnapped, or killed by the IDF. Not because they are more innocent, because they are Jewish.


You told me that we don’t do this kind of thing, only THEY do this kind of thing.

You burned a Palestinian boy alive. You. We. We did that.


You said it couldn’t have been us.

It was us.


And then you said “Well, it was us, but not really US… I mean… we never called for that sort of thing…”


But you did.
We did.


It is not the so-called liberal media that has gotten to me. I have seen my people become monsters. I didn’t need any anti-Israel propaganda to convince me that our side is not in the right. “Our side” did that job just fine all by itself.



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