An Introduction (because it seems like the thing to do)

Welcome to Beyond The Near. Again.

Beyond The Near has been the name of blogs I’ve had in the past and comes from a time in my life when I was very concerned with global politics. The name is a reference to the slogan “Think Globally, Act Locally.” My thinking at the time was that global IS local. What that has come to mean to me has shifted from that time, but the general sentiment, that the scope of what effects us and what we effect goes well beyond that which is proximate to us, still applies. That’s how I look at stuff, both from a macro- and micro- sort of perspective, both externally and internally, factually and narratively.

What this is really about is that I’ve been writing lots of Facebook statuses that are stubs of important ideas. I’m going to start trying to develop them here.

My major themes tend to be Judaism, especially theology, Theology, especially in Judaism, Feminism, Minority issues (including but not limited to racism, ablism, heterosexism, cissexism, etc.), the nature of Narrative, and will perhaps be peppered with stuff about Education, Gardening, Art, Personal Growth, and whatever else I feel inspired by at a given moment.

This is something to do in my free time, to collect my ideas, and maybe generate productive conversation. This is for me and for people who want to engage in civil, intellectual, honest conversation about big (and little) and little (and big) issues. This is not a thing where I commit to deadlines, or where I will tolerate uncivil discourse.

Here we go.


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